Walden On Lake Conroe

The community of Walden is located on Lake Conroe in Montgomery, Texas. It was developed to take advantage of the natural beauty of the area.

Walden Waters Edge
Walden's tree-lined shores have been home to many people from all walks of life who enjoy living surrounded by natural wonders. From the soaring hawks above, the occasional cry of an eagle from Sam Houston National Forest to the tall mature tree-lined shores and plentiful fish in Lake Conroe, residents and visitors alike find peace and tranquility within this community.
Walden Estates
With single-family homes ranging from under $200,000 to well over $1 million as well as condominiums, and even some apartments, the Walden Peninsula has something for every lifestyle. It features a 536-slip marina, a private 18-hole championship golf course (touted as top-100 in Texas), a 16-court tennis facility, swimming pools and a 2.1-mile "hike and bike" trail. These and other recreational amenities are available to Walden residents. Social activities, community events, athletic competitions and volunteer opportunities occur year-round, Walden offers an active schedule for those who want to get involved.
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